Monday, January 22, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Craft Projects: When I went shopping the other day, I picked up some really nice thread in spring-time colors. I've picked a project, graphed it out to see how the colors are going to work, and I hoping it will actually be done in time for...spring.

Books and Reading: I have been enthralled with From Dawn to Decadence this week. No one should be put off by the size or scope of this book. Jacques Barzun is extremely readable. I even typed out one of his jokes and sent it to my preacher-husband:
The minister and his lay visitor, both Protestants, had talked over amiably the differences between their creeds. It was a beautiful lesson in toleration, which the minister neatly summed up: "Yes, we both worship the same God, you in your way and I in His."

Homeschooling: Am I the only one who didn't have word problems when I took algebra some 25 years ago? I took both Algebra I and Algebra II at a private Christian school, using a curriculum I won't mention, and I never knew word problems could be part of algebra.
With both hot and cold water running, a bathtub can be filled in 8 minutes. The drain will empty the tub in 10 minutes. A child turns both faucets on and leaves the drain open. How long will it be before the bathtub starts to overflow?
I have no idea, but go ahead and ask me who will be mopping the floor and paying the water bill.

Playing Games: Someone popped in while I was playing my addictive word game and said, "Hi, Karen." That was nice, but it would have been even more fun if I'd known who you were! (Note to self: must use a secret identity over there so no one knows how much I might play.)

Polish and Ministry: My coworker usually teaches Sunday School to our small group of kids, but she was away this week and I taught the parable of the Good Samaritan in Polish. Pewien człowiek przeszedł z Jeruzolimie do Jerycha...

My personal project are piling up and it's time for a season of decluttering and organizing...


At 9:22 PM , Blogger Anne said...

I had word problems back when I had algebra 1 & 2 in school, but I never understood them. Finally, last year, when going through Videotext Algebra with my son, the light came on for me (and has eventually come on for my son). They walked us through such sensible steps for solving them that I was a little mad no one ever taught me that way before.

At 6:48 PM , Blogger Mama Squirrel said...

Check out How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra, by Mildred Johnson; there are tried-and-true methods for solving the most common kinds of problems (time/distance problems, mixture problems and so on). Our Apprentice got quite a bit out of that last year.

At 4:45 AM , Blogger Headmistress, zookeeper said...

It was me.=) I figured you'd know. How conceited of me. I came in third that time, which is better than have done.

Of course, the first time I played and did so terribly, I didn't know you could type in the letters. I was having to click and drag. Yuck.

At 8:13 AM , Blogger Krakovianka said...

AHA! Cool. When I first started playing, I used the mouse, too, and I couldn't understand how anyone could score as they did. When I figured out I could type...heh, out.

If I finish in the top five, I'm happy. 3rd is great. Congratulations!

Word games are so addictive and fun.


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