Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am going back to Poland!

I have been in the states since January, and I admit that more than a full year will have passed before I actually get back to Poland, but...

The tickets have been purchased and paid for--praise God!--and we will be returning to Poland on February 22nd, 2006.

Poland is not at its best in February. Visiting Poland in February would be like dropping in on someone at 11pm after a long and hectic day. No matter how good someone looks in general, the wrinkled clothing, mussed hair, grime of the day, and weary demeanor mask his or her otherwise fine appearance. Poland in February is grim and grey and dirty. It really is. But somehow I expect to find it beautiful, and I will overlook the outward trappings and give my "loved one" a kiss because I will be so happy to be there.

I'm sure that all sounds a little ridiculous, but truly, I am ridiculously happy to be going home again.

February 22nd. I'm counting the days. Soon I'll be riding trams, and paying with zloty, and saying "przepraszam" intead of "excuse me," and singing hymns in Polish, and walking to the store, and well...life will be back to "normal" for me.

And I really can't wait. I am going back to Poland!