Monday, January 23, 2006

One of those "you know you're a homeschooler when..." moments

Not long ago, my 8yo (K) was taking a rare bubble bath instead of a shower. As I helped her prepare the bath, I said, "I put in lots of bubble bath, so it will be nice and sudsy."

K: Sudsy?

Me: Yes, sudsy! You know--full of suds.

K: What are suds?

Me: Well...they're like bubbles. Suds means bubbles, I guess, but frothy bubbles like this.

K: What's frothy?

Me: (Wondering why she doesn't know what these words mean!) Frothy is just froth--light and full of air. Sudsy and frothy are pretty much the same, except I think the word "sudsy" is only used for soapy bubbles.

And she climbed into the tub full of sudsy froth, and I planned to make my escape before I found out she also didn't know the meaning of "towel" or "scrub" or "clean."

But as I slipped out the door, K asked me thoughtfully, "Mommy, are 'sudsy' and 'frothy' adjectives?"


"Yes, they are. Enjoy your bubble bath."

And I finally made my escape, to a place where I could laugh to myself about a child who didn't know what sudsy or frothy meant, but did recognize them as adjectives when she found out. What a life!