Monday, August 28, 2006

The Bible and the task of teaching, Chapter 2

I have not forgotten about this book! I hope you haven't, either. Chapter two is entitled, "The Case for the Prosecution," and attempts to defend the basic premise of the book (that the Bible has a bearing on education) against various possible objections.

The first thing the authors do is point out that most Christians involved in education will already assume that the Bible can have an impact on education, and therefore, the arguments in this chapter are moot. I pretty much fall into this category, and so I'm not going to expound at length on their defense. They also examine a few ways in which the Bible may be used in unbiblical ways.

The chapter concludes with this question: "What would be a biblical use of the Bible in education?" Answering that question will take the rest of the book, but the authors affirm their conviction that "Christian educators past and present have maintained that education must be illuminated by 'the effulgent word of God.' " The quote is from John Amos Comenius.

I'll devote more space to future chapters, and I am checking into a possible source for purchasing this in the US, without ordering from the UK. In the meantime, I had to insert something about chapter two, and this is it!


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