Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another peek into my home...

As I said before, I love pottery. Apart from books, handmade pottery is the only thing I collect. The smaller vase is Navajo-made, and I got it during a trip west last year when we were in the States. The larger pot is Polish-made, and was intended as a pickle crock, or possibly for "aging" plum-pudding-style desserts. It was another keeper from the Great Basement Cleanup.

A house without books is like a man without a soul. Cicero said that, or something very close to it. We have an institutional-style staircase running up the middle of our house. The mid-way landings had bare walls just crying out for bookshelves, and so we obligingly supplied them. It's not enough space for all of our books, but it does make good use of some otherwise rather wasted space. If you stand on the main living floor of our house (which is the "first" floor, not the ground floor), you can look up and down to see all these lovely books.

And I just love this funky wire "thing" as both a piece of "art" and a place to display photos, drawings, or cards. I saw something similar in a magazine, only that one was heart-shaped. I saved the picture, thinking I might try to get some wire and make one myself, but then I found this one at Ikea, very reasonably priced, and I saved myself the trouble.

I have no idea if all these bits and pieces are giving any insight into the decorating style we have around the house, but I'm having fun sharing!


At 2:11 PM , Blogger Mama Squirrel said...

Love it, especially the bookshelves. I have an invitation to go over and check out Coffeemamma's collection soon, now that the Castle-ites are mostly unpacked.

At 9:18 PM , Blogger Carl V. said... is definitely like a library in there. Your book loving friends must go crazy when they come over.


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