Monday, November 06, 2006

Currently reading...

I'm always currently reading something, of course. This rather short little book fell under my hands last week, and I started into it. It is so short, I'd read a third of it before I realized I'd gone so far, and today I read another third or so.

I acquired this book through Zooba, thanks to this blurb. I admit it was the mention of C.S. Lewis that swayed me in favor of this book. Having read two-thirds of the book, I think I was most certainly taken in.

The allegory in this book is rather clever, but the writing is pretty mundane. Imagine a prosaic re-telling of Pilgrim's Progress, peopled with modern characters such as real-estate agents, lawyers, and political activists. It's an allegory, which isn't the easist thing to work with, but it has potential. Unfortunately, so far the story has not been compelling. Sometimes it borders on the ridiculous, which is not so desirable when you aim at the sublime.

I'll update my thoughts later, when I've finished


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