Saturday, February 21, 2009

City nature study...

I missed the bus this morning.

I was on my way to the grocery store, and delayed my departure too much, and arrived just too late, so that I had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. The temperatures are below freezing, there is snow and ice on the ground (and the bench at the bus stop), so decided to walk a bit to stay warm.

As I walked along the snow-packed sidewalk, something black floated in front of my face, falling from above. I glanced up and saw a crow sitting on a branch about 20 feet above me. Looking down, I saw that what had fallen was a bit of bark, and the sidewalk was littered with more of it.

While I watched, the crow peeled more bark from a dead branch, pecking at what he found. I suppose there were insects or worms of some kind. I watched him for at least ten minutes, a black bird in a blackened tree, against the stark white sky and whiter snow. A few fellow crows were in trees nearby, engaged in similar winter meal-foraging.

If I hadn't missed the bus, I'd have missed this, and never been the wiser.

I wonder if anyone else, walking in the hard-packed snow, will notice the little pile of bark on the sidewalk? And I wonder if they will wonder how it came to be there?


At 2:18 PM , Blogger farmlanebooks said...

It's amazing what you see if you look isn't it!
I thought this was very appropriate considering you reviewed Crow Lake yesterday!

At 10:44 PM , Blogger farmlanebooks said...

I've just tagged you for this photo meme:

I look forward to seeing what's in your fifth folder!

At 5:23 PM , Blogger magistramater said...

What an unexpected interlude in your day! This morning I had a phone call at an unusually early hour. As I looked out the window and listened, I saw the low sunbeams and slanting shadows, light on snow, in our back yard. I almost never stop and look at that hour and I saw what I had previously missed.

I wanted to thank you for your Nora Waln recommendations. Our library doesn't carry those titles, so I have them on my wish list at Paperbackswap.

I haven't made much headway on Small Island because I'm trying to get Mein Kampf read and finished and out of the way. I will reward myself with Andrea Levy's book then.


At 6:52 PM , Blogger vicki said...

hey karan how are you what a wonderful picture and how cool how you came about seeing it i know we often take things for granted and this shows its nice to stop and see things around us, thanks for visiting my blog the reason i left the forum is listen in the archives so if you want to see can see it hugs email me if ya want at please don;t publish my email though ok thanks sweetie good to hear from you hugs


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