Friday, August 04, 2006

So you're looking for information about the Polish language and you ended up on this blog?

I get quite a few hits from people who apparently want to learn Polish or are looking for information about the Polish language. I thought I'd make a post for them, so the visit might end up being worthwhile. I don't have any good sources for materials to learn Polish, as I learned from native speakers and that's the only way that I know.

However, for those who are interested in reading or improving their Polish, I have a few suggestions. I know that children's literature is some of the most accessible when you are learning, and I think reading books which you already know in English makes the process somewhat less painful. I would suggest the ever-popular Dr. Suess in Polish, Kot Prot, also known as The Cat in the Hat.

A couple of other popular choices might be Piotruś Królik (Peter Rabbit) or Kubuś Puchatek (Winnie the Pooh). The latter comes in a two-language version, which is always useful.

If you're up for reading short selections that are all Polish, you might try these Polish legends. Some of the poetry of Adam Mickiewicz is quite accessible, especially this one.

There is a very popular children's poem that all Polish children are familiar with, and many learn it by heart. I don't think it's that easy to understand, but if you know Polish well enough to read it with the correct rhythm, it does have a huffing-and-puffing sort of sound that matches its subject matter--Lokomotywa--or "The Locomotive."

Just as there are plenty of English texts available online for free, there are quite a few things in Polish, too, at the Virtual Library of Polish Literature.

If you find any of these links helpful, I'd be glad to know.

Śczęśćliwego czytania! Happy reading!


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