Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let's revisit the fair!! Fibercrafts galore...

I know I said I was going to do a post on woodcarving, but you see, I had already uploaded these pictures, and I haven't uploaded the woodcraft ones. I'll save woodcarving for next year, or for some bleak month when I have nothing to blog about. Take a look at these beautifully tatted necklaces!

If it can possibly be created with a crochet hook and yarn or thread, this lady has figured out a way to do it.

All these log-cabin patchwork items were made with corduroy material. See the round drawstring bag right in front? I bought that one, and right now it is holding all my colored threads, crochet hooks, and scissors, while I'm working on the bookmark project. It's a nice little "work bag"--very portable!

Traditional Polish costumes are elaborately hand-embroidered. Traditionally, each village or region was identifiable by the designs adorning vests, shawls, skirts, and trousers.

These doilies made by bobbin lace are beautiful and represent an unbelievable investment of time. This is much, much slower than crocheting. See the lady in traditional dress demonstrating on the "lace pillow" below?

It's amazing to see so much talent, both traditional and innovative. I didn't get pictures, but there were a couple of people selling gorgeous cushions, and one lady had made a type of wall-hanging that was covered with pockets, so that it could be used to store....well, anything you wanted to. In a child's bedroom, they would be a cute place to stash stuffed animals, or you could hang one in the laundry area or even the bathroom. I thought it was a really cute idea, but I couldn't think of a spot to put one at home, so I shelved that idea for another time.

I still have one more post about the fair that I simply must make. There is one particular artisan who makes items that are unique. I've never seen anything like them, anywhere. I think they are gorgeous and it is a shame that she isn't known at all outside of Poland. She sells everything she makes here. And not all of it to me, although I have acquired a fair collection over the years. So one more fair post sometime soon, and then it's really all over until next year!


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