Friday, September 08, 2006

This seems to be as close as I'm getting to a book these days!

I've been working diligently to get all the bookmark favors finished as soon as possible. While I'm crocheting, I can be thinking about my devotional or my homeschool lectures, and so I'm getting double return for my time.

I'm positively allergic to repeating a crochet pattern, but right now I don't have any choice. I don't have enough patterns that I like to make each and every bookmark from a different pattern, so I must content myself with varying the color, which helps a little bit.

The bookmarks are an endless source of fascination for C, who hovers over them, exclaiming, "Prittee! Prittee!" As each new bookmark joins the ever-growing queque, K declares it to be her absolute favorite and begs me to save that one for her. I have promised to make her a bookmark from any pattern in any color that she likes, but I have to finish these first.

After writing about Jane Austen the other day, I pulled Persuasion off the shelf and dipped into it a little bit. War and Peace is hovering at the top of the "to be read" stack threatening to fall on my head, which could be serious. From Dawn to Decadence is gathering dust because I can't possibly start a second long book right now. W Pustyni i w Puszczy stares at me day after day, reminding me that I'm neglecting it. Several homeschool books (research for my speaking engagement) are clearing their throats severely, reminding me that they are obligatory. And there are books that I brought back to Poland six months ago that I haven't touched, although I truly expected to have time to read them this year, such as Thomas Cahill's Gift of the Jews or Northrop Frye's The Educated Imagination.

I'm crocheting bookmarks when I'd rather be reading books, and that's the simple fact. Fortunately, the books are mine; they live at my house and will be here when I do have time for them. Hallelujah.

In the meantime, if you feel like crocheting a bookmark, I found all these patterns and more on the internet.


At 11:46 PM , Blogger lastpaige said...

Love your bookmarks! The site you shared is next stop on my web tour today.

You are more than welcome to share our Polish blog with whomever may benefit. We are working with the web people to see what they can do about getting us some Polish characters. If that doesn't work, we'll switch to Blogger and let you know.

Blessings in Abundance to You,
Mrs. L

At 12:04 AM , Blogger Mama Squirrel said...

The bookmarks are lovely! I can see why your girls want them for themselves...

At 8:40 AM , Blogger lindafay said...

Wow! I'm hooked. Literally. LOL. Seriously, I like them so much I plan to make these with my girls this winter. Thanks for sharing and also giving a pattern link. Do you mind if I post you bookmark pic on a blog entry (giving you the credit, of course) and send folks over to you?

At 7:43 PM , Blogger Krakovianka said...

Of course you can link and use the picture. I'm flattered to be included on your pretty blog at all! Hope you and your girls have fun making them!

At 7:59 PM , Blogger lindafay said...

Thank you! I plan to post about it on Wednesday.


At 12:51 PM , Blogger lindafay said...

Could you suggest a bookmark pattern from your own that would be easy to begin with? I crochet but haven't recently done anything harder than a basic ds or ss. There are so many on the website you suggested, I just don't know what would be good for beginners.

thanks for your time,

At 8:16 PM , Blogger Krakovianka said...

Mile a Minute bookmark

This is the pink and white one on the far left. It's very easy, but you do have to change colors, which leaves more ends to hide. The real-life result is nicer than the picture on the internet.

Pineapple bookmark

This is the pink one with a ribbon through it. Very nice result, but not a difficult pattern to follow if you take it slowly and keep track of which row you are on.

Another pineapple bookmark

I didn't make this one, but it is a very easy, straightforward pattern to try.

Climbing Ivy bookmark

This is the green one slightly to the right above. I altered mine a bit from the internet pattern, but it shouldn't be a hard pattern to follow.

Good luck! If you succeed at a couple of these patterns, you should be able to do anything you want. They aren't hard, really.

At 4:37 PM , Blogger lindafay said...

thank you, thank you!

At 12:24 PM , Blogger Judy said...

pretty bookmarks, Karen!



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